Thursday, September 20, 2007

Health Wonk Review is Up!

Joe Paduda is hosting Health Wonk Review over at "Managed Care Matters."

Not surprisingly he's got lots of blog entries regarding Senator Clinton's new health plan and lots of other samples of some of the best blog posts from the past couple of weeks.

Also making the big time this week was our good friend, Brian Klepper, who had the following letter published in the New York Times regarding Senator Clinton's plan:

To the Editor:

“Unveiling Health Care 2.0, Again” (Week in Review, Sept. 16) is right. Only innocents believe that meaningful health care reform will occur simply because the American people want it and the presidential candidates promote it.

Health care economists agree that as much as half of the industry’s costs is waste, but that excess constitutes a significant portion of the financial baselines of most health care organizations.

The health care industry, the nation’s largest economic sector, spent $350 million lobbying Congress in 2006, more than any other sector. They won’t willingly abide reforms that compromise their profitability.

Reform will occur only if America’s non-health care business leaders recognize that it is a critical concern for them and us. By pooling their influence, they could overwhelm the health care lobby and drive changes that re-establish American health care’s stability and sustainability.

Brian R. Klepper
Director, Center for Practical Health Reform
Atlantic Beach, Fla., Sept. 16, 2007
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