Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Happened to the Health Care Issue?

An interesting article in today's Chicago Tribune.

Readers of this blog know we've been having a spirited debate recently on the question of just how likely health reform will be in 2009. Brian Klepper and Maggie Mahar have added to this discussion with some interesting posts and comments.

The Trib headline:
Health care no longer primary ailment
Economy, price of gas, war in Iraq have surpassed insurance as top election issue for candidates
The article laments the way health care has once again fallen off the top of the national agenda replaced by the issue d'jour--this time gas prices and the economic slowdown.

Recently I pointed out on this blog that I was not surprised to see health care once again slipping in the polls since the vast majority of people who vote in this country continue to be shielded from the high cost of health care by employers who continue to be willing to pay the ever higher cost.

In my mind, that is what needs to change before we will have the political juice to really tackle this issue.

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