Friday, August 29, 2008



Well the self-described maverick surprised everyone this morning.

While many kept saying it would be Romney, I never believed it. First, they don't like each other. Second, a Romney pick would have flown in the face of the McCain health care strategy ( If McCain Picks Romney He Will Never Again Be Able to Criticize Obama's Health Plan).

Governor Palin
would seem to be a conservative Republican who walks her talk. The lady has grit!

But what is puzzling about the pick is that the 72 year-old candidate has been criticizing Senator Obama for his inexperience. Then what does he do? He puts a 44 year-old newcomer, with 18 months experience as Governor of Alaska, a "heart beat" away from being Commander-In-Chief.

Go figure.

One thing is certain. We will break a barrier this time--either an African American President or a woman as Vice-President.

This campaign just gets interestinger and interestinger.


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