Friday, June 5, 2009

$2 Trillion Sure Doesn't Buy You a Lot These Days

I know that we talk in terms of trillions and not billions in Washington these days but even by that new standard the way the Democrats are dissing the "$2 trillion stakeholders" is amazing.

Not two days after the big stakeholder trade associations offered their "$2 trillion in health care savings," President Obama called on Congress to pass a health care reform bill that included the dreaded public plan. More, he called on the Congress to find another $200 billion in provider savings and suggested he'd go along with MedPAC, and not the historically easy touch Congress, setting provider reimbursement rates.

About all the "$2 trillion stakeholders" seem to have achieved is to go on record that there are tons of waste in the system and they know where to find it and get rid of it. Which will be convenient for liberals who will now use that assertion to drive cuts and more government regulation down their throats.

What were they thinking?

But given the games they were playing--they deserve what they get!

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