Monday, March 30, 2009

"Sick Around America" on FRONTLINE

You may remember the FRONTLINE report, "Sick Around the World." It was the best job I have ever seen anyone do summarizing five different national health care systems--the U.K., Taiwan, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland--in just one hour.

I recommended it when it originally ran and I recommend it today. You can still see it here.

Now FRONTLINE has aired producer Jon Palfreman's effort to explain America's health care challenge in the FRONTLINE report, "Sick Around America."

This time Palfreman does a great job personalizing America's health care crisis making clear how close any of us who have health insurance are to the edge every day.

Jon has an incredible talent--being able to synthesize complex problems into just 54 minutes of air time.

I hope there is no need in the months ahead for Palfreman to use his considerable talents to synthesize the various health care policy solutions on the table, but if we are still deadlocked next season, I hope PBS assigns that task to him.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was asked to provide input for, "Sick Around America."

I recommend it and you can see the entire one-hour program here.
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