Wednesday, May 21, 2008

McCain's Lost Opportunity

Joe Paduda has a great post today over at "Managed Care Matters" on the McCain health plan.

Barack Obama is vulnerable over health care because his plan will cost a lot more than the $50 to $65 billion a year he has estimated--maybe twice as much.

McCain rightly points that out regularly on the campaign trail.

But what McCain and his advisers are missing is that his plan scares people in its own right--and it doesn't have to.

McCain wants voters to take this big leap away from employer-based health care and then does little to take the worry out of such a leap for those voters. Until he realizes that and tries a lot harder to make his plan one that works for people he's just scaring them. If he's scaring Joe Paduda, he will be scaring lots more people as the presidential finals heat up.

There are very good ways for McCain to make his market-based plan work a lot better for voters. For the life of me I don't understand why the McCain campaign has to make it so hard.

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