Monday, July 16, 2007

The Latest Health Wonk Review is Up

Here's a summary from the latest edition over at "Colorado Health Insurance Insider:"

The Health Wonk Review is THE top health policy roundup in the blogosphere. It’s known for only including the best and brightest, and only the keenest observations of the health policy community. The collection of articles below represent the cream of the crop of recent entries in the ongoing US health care policy discussion.

I’m honored that The Colorado Health Insurance Insider was selected to host such an important piece of the health policy debate. With the recent release of the Michael Moore film “SiCKO”, the private vs. socialized health care discussion has gone through the roof. So I started out with articles more directly related to that topic, and I arranged them in a way that should feel like it’s more of a conversation - rather than a list of articles. Make sure you give yourself time to read every one. They’re ALL the best-of-the-best! (if I overlooked your entry, let me know)

Without further ado, the July 12, 2007 edition of the Health Wonk Review:

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