Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Barack Obama is a Rookie on Health Care Policy Reform

Barack Obama was recently quoted as saying he would institute a system of universal health care by the end of his first term. He provided no other details for what would be the Obama Health Care Reform Plan.

He is apparently new at this--health care reform policy and fixing America's health care problems.

Apparently, he doesn't understand it is the details that matter when it comes to health care reform. Or maybe he thinks people are so enamored of him that they aren't going to worry about his being able to deliver the rest in any kind of detail. We just need his leadership, optimism, and fresh ideas (whatever they are) to lick this most frustrating of domestic issues.

Obama better be careful with his health care policy naivete. It just may be that health care will be the issue that gives him a taste of political reality!

See if you can find the plan (sort of like finding Waldo): The Obama speech to the Families USA Conference 1/07.


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