Monday, March 30, 2009

"EGMN: Notes from the Road"--A Refreshing and Interesting Look Inside the World of Docs

I just discovered a relatively new blog that might be of interest to you: "EGMN: Notes from the Road."

It comes from the publishers of a number of the periodicals physicians read, including Internal Medicine News, Cardiology News, and Family Practice News. Their unique take on the world of health care and policy blogging is to post from medical meetings, press conferences, and policy gatherings from the U.S. and around the world. As they put it, providing us with "analysis of the buzz, the people, and the stories."

They've got a bit of an edge as well as a sense of humor as they do a good job of "down the middle" reporting--particularly the provider perspective on our national health care challenge.

Here's a clip from one of their recent posts:
It’s increasingly obvious that a line in the sand is being drawn, and we’re not talking about one in the desert. Primary care physicians and specialists appear to be headed for a smackdown, aided and abetted by a Congress that’s going to have to figure out how to fund health care reform and also avoid the statutory 21% cut in Medicare physician fees coming later this year.
Or, this exchange over one post:
It turns out that I didn’t need to wear that red sweater to stand out in the crowd of surgeons today at the Academic Surgical Congress. My gender was enough. I spent the day surrounded by men in black suits—OK, so some were navy and charcoal too...

Maybe the preponderance of male surgeons is a consequence of the male urge to fix something that’s broken, and the satisfaction of immediate results, vs. having to wait longer to see the results of an intervention.

On a similar note: Fashion in medical specialties. I have also noticed that the surgeons like their suits and ties. I’m also entertained to see the pediatricians in their sneakers (some with their knitting in hand) and the sports medicine guys in their golf shirts (featuring golf course or team affiliation of choice). One thing I can’t figure out is how the women at any of these meetings who show up in sleeveless tops and sandals keep from freezing. I guess they must slip outside between speakers. Or they just have good circulation.

You get the idea...

I will suggest that many of you will find this blog an interesting way to keep up with what's going on over on the doc side of the health care world.
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