Monday, September 8, 2008

Comparing John McCain's Health Care Plan to Barack Obama's Health Care Plan

Now that the political conventions are over we are in the final weeks of the presidential campaign. Here is my primer on both of the candidates' health care reform plans and the the big idea difference between them.

Comparing Barack Obama's Health care plan to John McCain's health care plan:

What's the Big Idea Difference?

A Detailed Analysis of Senator John McCain's Health Care Reform Plan

A Detailed Analysis of Barack Obama's Health Care Reform Plan

Neither Obama or McCain (his emphasis on individual responsibility aside) has a lot of cost containment teeth in their health care plans. In fact, both plans contain the same relatively uncontroversial and incremental cost containment ideas such as disease management, wellness, and patient medical records that are already underway in the marketplace:

Would Either Barack Obama's Health Plan or John McCain's Health Plan Contain Costs?
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